In recent years, Video has become the most consumed content form across the web. With various services like YouTube, Instagram Videos, Facebook Videos, Hulu among others the power of creating videos have gone into the hands of consumers. Anyone and everyone can make videos basis their liking and share it on several social media platform. Some videos get popular across the world while some remains confined to their local region.

Organizations, who have been making videos since long time might use Instagram or other video forms once in a while, but they can’t rely on amateur videos for the success of their brand. That’s why, having a good production agency by your side becomes most important.

At IdeateLabs, one of the best video production companies in India, we create a range of videos for our clients. With our team of extremely talented, experienced, enthusiastic & crazy professionals, our clients have received more than what they asked for in their videos. We have created videos for clients which are Shocking and Significant, Entertaining and Eye-catching, Informative and Inspiring.

“Video is the best way of engaging with people, catch their attention and get our message across”.

Video Production Process

  • Pre-Production - This stage begins right from planning, Ideation, Scripting, finalizing the actors, location, creating the set etc.
  • Production - When the actual shooting begins. Everyone comes around to make the best possible video.
  • Post-Production - After the shoot begins the task of editing. Once it is done, video is shown to client and released for the audience.

Here are few video production services by IdeateLabs:

  • Corporate Videos - We build your corporate video on the foundations of what you want to achieve and what you need to express in an engaging way.
  • Ad Films - Our dedicated film production house for ad films where the talented team delivers Concept to Completion ad films and Audio-Visual content that is bound to surpass your expectations
  • Web Series - Our web series and films are written not by multitasking copy-writers, but by dedicated screen writers. Our creative directors are film directors who understand the nuances of storytelling, character building and film production.
  • Commercial Film Shoots - Telling your story through an engaging video can help you reach a wider audience and can go a long way towards creating a high-recall brand image. Leave your production in safe hands and we’ll deliver results.
  • Video Testimonials - You don’t have to make your customers go through dry testimonials. There’s an interesting way to do it. And that’s why we make testimonial videos that convey the message effectively.
  • Documentaries - A well-executed documentary will give your brand story an upper edge over a traditional advertisement.
  • Motion Graphics & Animation - We have a fantastic 2D and 3D Animation team that can add the X-factor your brand story needs.
  • Augmented Reality - We create Augmented Reality experiences which have the capability to excite, engage and enthrall the audience, while providing you the tools to measure and track results.
  • Virtual Reality - VR is becoming a new frontier for Enhanced Reality Experiences (EREs) and we create spectacular 360° Immersive Experiences for your brand story.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) - If brand integration is on your mind, then drop everything and give us a shout ‘coz we have ready-to-put-to-use ideas.

At IdeateLabs, we believe in a fresh approach for all our clients. We understand your business and audience before getting ahead with the brief. Come to us for your content driven video needs.