Meet the ideators

Each of them is a little mental (in a good way, of course)!

  • Amit Tripathi - Ideatelabs

    Amit Tripathi

    Managing Director

  • Vrutika Dawda - Ideatelabs

    Vrutika Dawda


  • Ajay Tripathi - Ideatelabs

    Ajay Tripathi

    Chief Ideator

  • Alpa Dedhia - Ideatelabs

    Alpa Dedhia

    Chief Business Officer

  • Ashwini Vyas - Ideatelabs

    Ashwini Vyas

    Executive Creative Director

  • Lokesh Shah - Ideatelabs

    Lokesh Shah

    Vice President - Brand Solutions

  • Manthan Shah - Ideatelabs

    Manthan Shah

    Associate Vice President - Technology

  • Setare Irani Degamwala - Ideatelabs

    Setare Irani Degamwala

    Head - People & Culture