Social media is one of the most powerful tools or methods used in marketing today. If used correctly, and to its full potential, it can help you build both a strong brand and a loyal customer base.

Consumers today are extremely savvy about purchases and services. A quick search offers everything from opinions about the product, instant competition mapping and reviews about the after sales service. Social media can be like an untamed beast that, unless managed correctly, can consume your brand. So, it is extremely important that you get a good social media agency to help you run, manage and successfully build your brand.

At IdeateLabs we have a team of “SME’s, (Social Media Experts) that have a comprehensive understanding of the workings and optimal usage of Social Media as a marketing tool.

How can we help?

  • Identify your Target Audience - Amongst the sea of buyers, recognizing the relevant buyers is a skill that not many possess. Identifying who your potential buyers are, is critical. Our team has the combined expertise of people from traditional marketing to digital media experts, that know exactly what works on which social media platform and how to correctly position your brand so that it garners the best responses and attention.
  • Identifying social media channel(s) that works best for your brand - As Oscar Wilde once said, “Everything in Moderation, including moderation itself”, identifying where you need to be present and how often you need to post is essential. There are so many sites available, do you really need to be on all of them? A good social media marketing company helps you analyse and carefully curate your data such that your brand is present in the correct sites. This helps you gain interest and build a strong brand.
  • Building your customer base - You can take a horse to the water but making it drink is a completely different ball game. Getting clicks or visits to your pages is not enough. A good social media agency, like IdeateLabs ensures you get customer conversions. This is done through, thorough research and gaining meaningful insight into your brand and its vision and promoting this correctly on social media.

You can get a customer to buy once through promotion tactics, but a good social media campaign is one that establishes steady buying trends and promotion through well placed and visible customer reviews and feedback. That is exactly how we do it!