Digital media has completely transformed the way people and brands connect. With plenty of digital assets available, selecting the best option that can fetch your brand maximum reach is an important task.

So, at IdeateLabs, a premium media planning and buying agency, we strategically select a mix of media platforms to place ads over a period of time in order to gain maximum reach and achieve the desired campaign goal. Our team of experienced experts will ensure that the ad is submitted on time and in appropriate format for best results.

As a digital media planner, IdeateLabs brings smart insights and a result-driven approach to ensure most profitable and reliable ad spaces for your brand based on demographics, psychographics and even device targeting. This will ensure that the campaign is directed at the right target audience and also lead to a more effective and successful campaign.

Our online media planning and buying includes:

  • Digital Media Planning and Buying - Digital media planning and buying encompass all forms of media planning and buying. Our experts ensure ad placements at best rates while considering the campaign goals, target audience and the product to be advertised.
  • Digital Lead Management - We target leads with personalized campaigns and nurture them such that your sales team can take over whenever required.
  • Conversion Monitoring - It is an essential part to track the visitor’s specific mouse movements on the page as it helps in generating leads. Moreover, it also gives an insight on to placing of the call to action button.
  • Campaign Design and Management -As a digital and media planning agency, we understand the target audience, their preferences and device a campaign that fits the business objectives and goals.
  • Detailed Analysis -A media campaign is incomplete without constant analysis and optimizing the strategy based on the findings. We also ensure that internet traffic gets monitored as it adds value to the findings and analysis.
  • Gamification and Advergaming - An evolved media campaign applies the basics of game elements to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty through advergaming and gamification. We ensure that the campaign hit the right notes after carefully studying the demographics and understanding the goals to be achieved.

As an agency that specializes in media planning and buying, we leverage cross-media marketing as a tool to provide brands with the most precise solutions. With our meticulous research and analysis, we ensure optimum utilization of ad spaces to meet the desired goal. We give your brand the right direction with a successful media campaign that delivers as per expectations with optimum ROI.