Brands love when people talk about them. So, we at IdeateLabs, a media communication agency get the right people to talk about your brand through the right channel at the right time. Through effective promotional strategies, we help brands create their unique space in the minds of the customers.

In today’s digital world, brands face stiff competition than ever before. Thus, to stand apart, we have a team that knows how to drive the new age media relations and digital PR for driving defined business goals. Our team recognizes the market pulse, understands the consumer psyche and brings the best set of influencers and media partners to augment your marketing efforts.

Being one of the best PR agencies in Mumbai, we create brand perception and build credible relations with your consumers through creative, innovative and interesting content. We work closely with content and content marketing teams to create a right campaign for you. We use various channels to create credible relations among your consumers such as:

  • Social media platforms
  • Blogs
  • Press release
  • Media Relations
  • Influencers Engagement

As one of the highly rated PR companies in Mumbai, we have the advantage of diverse brain power working to power your PR campaign. Our digital PR framework includes:

  • Research - We dig deep about the brand, its target audience and the category the brand falls into.
  • Strategies - Subsequently, we come up with content strategies and buckets that can work for the brand. We identify the topics that influence and engage with your consumers, create PR strategies and select the platforms on which these strategies can be executed.
  • Finding the right fit - Once the PR strategy is in place, we find the right mix of influencers that can provide good digital reach and engagement and also identifies with the brand image and value.
  • Engagement - We amplify the PR strategies by reaching out through all digital mediums with appropriate content. So, we can have an influencer activity which can be covered digitally, a blog train where a set of selected bloggers write related to the campaign and so on.
  • Measure - Digital strategies can be measured through reach and engagement and we send timely reports to understand the performance of the campaign.

Experience in SEO and social media management comes handy when it comes to media communications and public relations. IdeateLabs, being a premier digital agency; we bring diverse perspectives that can give a fillip to your PR campaign.