Quality leads mean more sales and better business. So, if your business has the push, we’ll get you the pull to help your business grow. We, at IdeateLabs, understand that lead generation services not only encompass generating quality leads but also nurturing them such that they become effective consumers in the long run.

In this digital age where the audience wants their attention to be earned, it is important to hook them with relevant and precise content. It starts with capturing quality leads, attracting them time and again with right lead magnets, having an apt and useful landing page and eventually studying the lead score on the basis of engagement.

At IdeateLabs, we use a range of online lead generation strategies for better results such as:

  • Email Marketing - A traditional and the most sought after way to generate leads is by sending targeted emailers. Our specialists analyze your products/services and marry it with the right target audience before sending the emailers.
  • Referrals - Referral is a powerful tool and having an appropriate referral system in place works wonders for the business. It helps in generating more leads and may eventually lead to an increase in sales.
  • Advertising - On-ground activation at airports, malls, retail outlets etc. helps as it leads to face-to-face chat where the benefits of products/services can be explained in person. Thus, generating quality leads. Also, advertising through effective mediums such as above-the-line advertising and through-the-line advertising, that too, in a targeted manner can help with more quality leads.
  • Public Relations - PR can turn out to be an effective strategy if used correctly. Mediums such as television, radio, newspapers and magazines have access to prospects which can turn into potential lead.

    Being one of the top lead generation companies in Mumbai, we understand that the above strategies are incomplete unless they are aided with:
  • Lead filtering - Leads that are derived through the above strategies can be of great help or they can be a waste of time, money and effort. So, it is important to filter them before passing them off as qualified leads. We understand the importance of it and hence filter all the leads before sending them to you.
  • Timely follow-up - Follow up is one of the most critical tasks of converting a lead into a potential customer. So, we pick up the phone, send follow up emails and do what it takes to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Targeting and re-targeting - With the advent of social media, targeting and then re-targeting gets easy. So with targeted ads and banners, we can not only reach the right audience but even target them time and again with a relevant message.

So, look no further for comprehensive lead generation services in India.