Digital Branding Strategy is the part of your company’s overall business plan that allows you to establish the presence of your organization in the digital world through the use of tools such as content, images, videos, ads, interaction with the target audience among other things. It’s how you tell the story of your brand to your digital audience.

Brand strategy aims to position your business right in the mind of your customers while digital strategy determines the tools to reach there.

Few things to keep in mind before creating digital branding strategy:

  • Brand Purpose
  • Target Audience
  • Competition Analysis
  • Differentiating Factor
  • Communication Tools
  • Brand Messaging

While developing a brand strategy, planner need to set a process which can be re-used time and again as you go about making different marketing campaigns.

  • Digital Marketing Campaignes - Mostly these components will remain same for various campaigns

    -Brand Messaging Guidelines
    -Content Strategy for different platforms (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Quora etc.)
    -Social Media Plan
    -SEO & SEM process
    -Reporting & Analysis
  • Digital Branding/Marketing Strategy

    -Identifying your branding keys like Mission, Vision, Target Audience, Communication Tools & Channels etc.
    -Team Responsibilities (Project Manager, Content Curator, Designer etc.)
    -Brainstorming Process
    -Goals & KPIs (Traffic, Conversion etc.)
  • Success of Digital Marketing Strategy/ Campaign - Once you are ready with the planning and strategizing, you will need to execute the campaign. The success or failure of the campaign will depend on how strong your plan is, how targeted & engaged your audience is, whether they like the idea, implementation and other visible aspects of the campaign or not. To know how audience is responding to your digital branding strategy, we use several metrics like:

    -Overall Website Traffic
    -New/Returning Visitors
    -Social Media Engagement
    -Click Through Rate
    -Cost Per Click
    -Conversations around the brand
    -Return on Investment (ROI) etc.

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