Customer Relationship Management is the most important tool that any organization requires today. CRM helps in managing the relationship between an organization and its prospective or existing customers.

In its most basic form, a CRM software record, will report and analyze the interactions between an organization and its customers. And when we look at it as a process, businesses adopt CRM as a way to improve, nurture and manage those relationships.

  • Functions of a CRM software - The software must record customer information such as their email, phone number, website, social media profiles among other important things. It should create a dashboard of all the information about a client or an organization for easy access, hence helping you save ample amount of time and increase revenue.
  • Where can CRM be Implemented in an Organization - Basically, everywhere. CRM helps in every single aspect of your organization and is hugely applied to the departments of Sales Team, Marketing, Digital, Supply Chain, Procurement, Human Resource and Servicing.
  • Benefits of Using CRM - The perks include Enhanced Contact Management, Increased Customer Satisfaction and Retention, Cross-Team Collaboration, Improved Sales and Marketing Forecast, Increased ROI and Improved Reporting.

    At IdeateLabs, we believe in providing customized CRM services to our clients. Additionally, we provide insights for how to manage customers and help improve their experience. Here are some CRM trends of 2020.
  • AI powered CRM - With AI (Artificial Intelligence) taking the lead in technology and text & face recognition becoming the norm, AI powered CRM will be a front runner in 2020. Using voice commands in organizations to access simple as well as complex data via mobile or desktop applications is next ‘in’ thing. People have been getting comfortable with voice commands in their daily lives and implementing that in your work will improve the overall quality of the work.
  • IoT in Customer Service - Integrating IoT into Customer Service (CX), connecting every device to be used anywhere and everywhere, improving service delivery, driving sales and increase in overall productivity is how IoT is going to change the game of CX. Integrating devices and automating customer services will lead to solving larger & complex problems faster and in an efficient manner. Mobile CRM will also contribute in CX flourishing.
  • Individual CRM Approach in Improving CX - Organizations have individual customer data which they have been recording for many years now. With improved CRM systems in place, customers can be targeted individually wherein they feel valued by service providers taking the time to understand their needs and wants. Focusing on gathering right data instead of more data will save ample amount of time and increase organization’s efficiency.

CRM in 2019 must be the way forward for your organization and you might want to have IdeateLabs, one of the leading CRM companies in Mumbai as your partner.