Business research means acquiring information and knowledge for understanding market opportunities and better growth prospects. Our business and marketing research services are tailor-made to help brands plan their growth strategy through the understanding of markets, consumers and competition.

As a marketing research company in India, we understand that a great market insight funnels the next wave of business decisions. Hence, we apply a two-fold strategy. We conduct custom market research as well as competitive analysis in marketing to meet the specific needs of various brands. It allows us to obtain market insights that are fresh on perspectives and devise ways to compete against competitors.

Our business research and competition analysis strategy include:

  • Market assessment - We conduct a comprehensive analysis of market trends, competition, risks and opportunities along with the brand’s resources and constraints. So, we understand the customer needs and employ customer database to build insight.
  • Research - Our quantitative research is aimed at gaining decision-grade research results which help to forecast the market trend. On the other hand, our qualitative research ensures the underlying reasons, motivations and opinions that provide insights into consumer psyche. On most occasions, our research methodology combines detailed quantitative data with rich qualitative insights to provide accurate insights.
  • Benchmarking - Through a detailed competitor profiling, we perform competitive analysis and benchmarking on various factors. It helps in gaining in-depth information about the competitor’s background, markets, products, strategies and even financials. Moreover, it helps in understanding how companies compare against each other and steps required to outcome the competition.
  • Media Scanning - A change in competitor’s advertising message can hint at new product offerings, new branding and positioning strategy or problems with the previous positioning. So, the reason for change can be both positive as well as negative news in the market for the competitor. The reasons can be plenty, but we dissect them by studying competitor’s digital strategy, conducting keyword research and observing SEO practices.

IdeateLabs comes across as one of the best competitive analysis companies as we combine deep sectoral knowledge with intrinsic knowledge of client business. We identify the problems worth solving; provide customized solutions to gain relevant marketing and business insight and form a strategy to respond to issues at hand.

We aspire to assist our clients with pivotal business and marketing insights which ensures that you not just learn about potential customers but win over them.