“Times, they are a changing” – Bob Dylan

This title line from a song perfectly suffice the current environment we are living in. 10 years ago, people switched from newspapers to digital screens and today, the screens have replaced every other mode of communication. Photos & Videos form of storytelling is the in thing now. But what next?

While everyone was getting accustomed to the internet and its usage, few organizations were working towards the next big thing i.e., Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality. We all have heard about the importance of AR & VR in the next decade and all are curious to know what exactly these things are.

Imagine, taking big investment decisions like buying a property without even stepping out of your home or being fully immersed into your smartphone screens and roaming around the city looking for Pokemon’s. These both things have actually become a reality now and most of you must have roamed around different parts of your home or city in search of Pokemon’s.

With the advent in technology, through AR & VR, organizations are creating such wonderful things that were only left to imagination till few years ago. IdeateLabs, one of the leading Digital agencies in India with its path-breaking VR & AR services have been successfully delivering such experiences for its clients.

For one of our clients in the manufacturing sector, IdeateLabs has created a 20 minutes VR movie which showcases the processes that go behind the closed doors in a manufacturing plant. For general consumers, it might be of no use but for people related to the manufacturing industry, seeing a VR movie with each process explained in detail could be extremely insightful. Another advantage of using VR technology for such projects is that through VR we can bring out the nuances of the manufacturing process on screen, which otherwise would not have been possible. One cannot be physically present inside a furnace and shoot while it’s on, but VR has made it possible.

With AR and VR technologies, IdeateLabs has been able to give access to its customers about the design and virtual experience of their purchase prior to its development. Which in turn has successfully convert our prospective customers to our regular ones and to our regular customers into a retainer.

Thus, being in technology space for a long time has enabled us to understand the digital requirements of our clients and help them in successfully delivering their narratives to their customers with the help of AR & VR.