The data analytics market in India is witnessing a staggering growth and brands are now leveraging data to further their business goals and sales. At IdeateLabs, we understand the changing trends and help brands win more customers and sales through data-driven marketing and media analysis.

With data analytics, today’s marketing efforts have changed drastically. Your marketing efforts need to blend in with newly available data through analytics and adapt to rapidly evolving digital channels. With increased digital activity, brands can get a micro-level view of the target audience.

The ability to connect offline and online footprints is helping brands with a holistic view of consumers - including demographics, attitudes and behaviours. IdeateLabs understands it and with our data-driven strategies, we bring consumers, data and brand together to unlock growth accelerators for you.

We provide :

  • Superior Consumer Insight - With brands looking to expand their digital footprints, social media plays a crucial role. By combining offline and online data, we provide customized campaigns that help brands achieve a competitive advantage. With behavioural segmentation, social media listening and micro-targeting, we help brands leverage the power of data and social media to a greater extent.
  • Greater Marketing Effectiveness - With insights from data, we create a perfect and optimal media mix that is specific for your brand product, service and communication. Moreover, with granular insights such as spends on various media channels, we plan the optimum spend for you to achieve the best ROI possible.
  • Viewership and Analysis - As one of the top analytics companies in India, we understand the emerging trends in viewer segments. By using data analytics, we know the consumer preferences and can analyze what works best for the consumers when it comes to video content.
  • Rich Intelligence - Being one of the well-known analytics companies in Mumbai, IdeateLabs also provides market and competitor intelligence along with lifetime value of a consumer which helps in better targeting.

With data by our side, providing superior consumer behavior and analytics gets easy. Personalization of experiences is possible by geo-targeting and understanding consumer pain points. Also, it gets easier to retain consumers with targeted advertisements and media spends.

We leverage the power of analytics and with the help of predictive analysis help redefine customer interactions. A deeper understanding of the consumers and marketing patterns is made easy with our in-depth analytics. So, if you are looking to leverage data, look no further.